Why your Blog should have Facebook Fan page?

Posted on May 25 2012 - 5:54pm by Christopher

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Facebook is now the world’s largest social network. It holds more than 900 million users. So, Facebook has become the hub for the businesses to promote it in this new online media. Facebook pages will help this out. Pages is not only for the businesses. It is also for the internet based businesses like Websites/blogs. It is not that tough to create a Facebook fan page. But it is really an important thing that every business in internet should have a Facebook fan page.

How to create a Fan Page?

As I said, creating a Facebook fan page is not tough at all. You have to click ‘Create a page’ in the bottom of your Facebook feeds page. If you don’t have time to see one, click here.

You need to choose the type of your business. After that, Choose the category, give the name of your company which will be the name of the page and agree to the FB TOS. Finally, it’s created. You can add profile picture, fill up the details shown in ‘About’ section and you are ready to go to your Fan page.

User Name: All Facebook page owners like to get a unique username like www.facebook.com/sparkwiz. You can get one for your page if it gets 25 likes. You can change your user name under Settings>>Basic Information. 

Invite friends and make more fans: You can promote your Facebook page by inviting your friends and tell them about the group you created in Facebook. in this way you can get more likes for the fan page. This is a useful step for the new fan pages to get some decent amount likes.

Sharing Content in Fan page

Facebook fan page helps you to target the 900 million users in Facebook. You can tell them about the new trending topics that are going on in your  blog. Thereby you make the members of social media visit your blog and expand its reader base.

Keep Facebook Page as a sharing medium of all your updates in your blog. Whether it is new post or a page created in your blog, share it in FB Fan page.

The following is a clip of what we shared in our Facebook fan page about a new post.

fb page's updateIt will always be nice if we write some description instead of giving just the URL. Facebook automatically detects the URL, get a picture, post title, description from the link and show you as shown in the picture. So, it is a must to use a good SEO plugin to fill all these out.

Analyze the users more effectively to target correctly

Facebook page provides a more powerful insights tool to analyse the details of the readers. You can get to know about your targets both in demographics and Location wise according to Gender and Age.

facebook insights

Facebook Insights for SparkWiz fan page

With such a powerful tool, giving you every detail you need, you can choose the type of articles that will be a viral among the targeted age group people in you Fan page.

More benefits…

Expand your reader base

Yes! Facebook fan page helps you target the people of same interest as you are. By targeting such people you have the possibilities of making all the people into visitors of the site. Later on they will be regular visitors to the blog. You can expand your reader base with Facebook.

Make visitors ‘Like’ your fan page.

Your readers need not be from Facebook always. How ever you can make them ‘Like’ your fan page by adding Like Box to the website/blog. So, whoever ‘likes’ it will become your fans in Facebook.

like box

You can create your own like box for Facebook here.

If a platform that does all these benefits for you, It will be Facebook. So create one for your blog now. Share what you feel in the comments section. 

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  1. Nitheesh July 22, 2012 at 3:37 pm - Reply

    All your points are correct. An FB page will give lots of benefits in driving traffic to our blog or site. Along with your points, it is another good idea to invite our friends to like that page, so that they will visit the blog if the post’s topic is interesting or useful for them. I think we all need fake profiles with more than 5000 friends, so that we can get lots of Likes to the page and hence lots of traffic! :)

    • Christopher July 23, 2012 at 6:17 pm - Reply

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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