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The future, no doubt, belongs to the Smart phones. It is the talk of the tech world. The rise of the smart phones led to the rise of many things along with that. One such thing is the mobile OS. There is a OS war between iOS and Android. But, with people moving towards the free, open source operating system, Android takes the lead. Here is the post on how Android came and what it is about. This post is for the beginners who wish to know Android from bottom.

Android is a open source project. Android is a mobile operating system based on Linux and developed to work with smartphones and tablets computers. It is currently developed by Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of more than 80 hardware, software and telecommunication companies to create standards for the mobile devices.

For people who like to develop Android and for Android, it is a boon that Google released Android under Apache License as Open Source. So you can download it and crack the code.

App Store

Being Open source, you can extend the functionality of the Android devices by building your own custom application or installing an application that is developed previously and available either as free or for cost to your Android Smartphones. You can shop your android applications from Google Play(Previously Android Market). There are nearly 450,000 applications available for Android.


If you like to develop your own Android application, you need to have the SDK(Software Development Kit). It is a bundle of Eclipse IDE with a plugin for Android Development provided by Google.

Get the Software Development Kit for Android

The SDK provides an Android Emulator that gives you a virtual window of how your application works in Android powered phone. Though you cannot access some of the features that are device dependent, Android Emulator is the best place where you can test the application in its development.

Android and Java

Android’s syntax resembles that of Java and while coding you will find many similarities between Java and Android. While most of the applications for Android are built with Java, Android do not have a Java Virtual Machine to run those Java Code. Instead, it has a specialized virtual machine called Dalvik made specially for Android.

Why Android is the Future?

Android Powered Smart phone

We are in the new era- The era of Smartphones. Smartphones have shrunk the world further. It is now a part of every minute aspect. You get almost everything in your smartphone. Right from booking the ticket to choosing your Cooking recipe, you do it with your smartphones now.

So, living in the technically advanced world, you should have an intro to the technology. For advanced people, they should know how to create one such app for them. Android is the best platform to showcase it. Indeed, the best part of the Android comes from these advanced people – The developers.

Many companies are now searching for good Android programmers. Even the social networking giant- Facebook is planning to release a smart phone along with HTC, which runs on a modified version of Android. So, it is indeed necessary to catch the winds. With more and more Android phones in the market, It is a place for you.

Android is the Future!

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