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Review of: Georgie
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Roger and Margaret Wilson-Hinds, Alan Dean Kemp

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On August 12, 2012
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Georgie is the excellent Travel and lifestyle companion app for the visually impaired people. Designed to help the people, see the world without the Eyes.

Application hews smartphones smarter. Patrons rate earpieces with applications that accede to user’s need. As expertise has now no barrier, widely held devices has made things simple for encumbers. An android application has been created for visually-impaired, to help them become more independent and unscathed. This proves the use of applications for wider extend and pushes the technological development for the betterment of Human to the next step.

Georgie - an android application assembled by Roger Wilson-Hinds, Director and Co-founder of ScreenReader and it was developed by Alan Dean Kemp of Sight and Sound Technology, the makers of JAWS Screen reading software. Georgie, is precisely built for the blind to carry out movements self-sufficiently. Gestures are the easy way of input to the software. It clearly guides the user by their touch with a beep sound followed by a voice that orates the function the handler taps. This application utilizes voice control software.


Georgie – For the Visually Impaired

Features of Georgie

Color Patterns

The base for the retort of this application is with the finger on the button holding it, waiting for the  beep  and going ahead with its functions. There are a number of exceptional applications that makes the approach more worth full. The operator can change the color, buttons and contrasts.

Number Pad

 When the handler keys in digits to store or dial, the tool phonates the number selected and puts into memory.

Settings 1

   The first choice in the window out on the left is contacts. To get hold of an acquaintance simply run your finger down the contact names, the phone tells who it is, hold your finger there and give a call.For sending a text message, at the outset speak to the phone, tell the note and ask it to send.

Settings 2

    The phone can direct our path with the direction pointer which tells where to go. It is clever to guide the possessor through the places they invoke. The application works on google database to seek the points of interest and places close to local destination. It knows your source and destination.

   A vital assistance for a blind is required while a trip. To lead the person to their chosen destination the option buses is wrought to understand where a bus goes, its direction of travel and helps the unseeing stand on the road to catch the bus. The phone also aids to know the weather at the end.


The Lifestyle application endows access to books, talking journals and also an online blog that makes posting simple with voice control. Under the communication pack, the camera is an effective artificial eye.

    This touch tone phone caters a brilliant idea, the OCR (Optical Code Recognition) that captures the picture of printed text, scans the image in an instant and recites it back to the mien. The artificial eye switches the text to speech and reads it aloud.


       Guidance should be guaranteed for the visually-impaired, for this reason the application provides assistance when they are lost. The operator has to press the assistance button which is pre programmed and the missive will be sent to the family member at once. Their phone will show a map with a pointer that denotes where the person needs help.

Settings 3

          The application offers access to social sites for exchange and  entertainment. In addition to that, the user can catechize the phone, a couple of seconds later it emanates with answer. It is a great source of information.

Georgie is the very first smartphone shaped for the blind by a blind. Clienteles can procure an Android smartphone with pre-loaded Georgie application from Sight and Sound Technology that facilitates hardware and software for the visually-impaired. Furthermore, the smartphone users can purchase Georgie app from the Google Play and install it. Thus, Georgie has brought changes to the life of visually-challenged around the globe.

Final Words

Georgie breaks the myth that the visually-challenged people cannot use smartphones in the way we can. Everyday of their life is meant to be a challenge for them. Technology is developed only to reduce the human effort and sufferings. Thanks to Georgie, it presents a perfect solution for these people and makes things easier for them.

Georgie is the excellent Travel and lifestyle companion app for the visually impaired people. Designed to help the people, see the world without the Eyes.
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  1. Christopher August 14, 2012 at 12:09 am - Reply

    It’s such a nice app.. Hope the technology makes the visually impaired see the world like us!

  2. Kezia August 14, 2012 at 7:01 pm - Reply

    Yes indeed, let us make the right use of technology for our well-being . Thank You..:)

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