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Posted on Jul 23 2012 - 8:39pm by Christopher

Tech giant, Apple is all set to launch the latest version of the most advanced desktop operating system, OS X Mountain Lion. The latest operating system will be one of the big launches for Apple this year. Apple, previously unveiled its latest operating system for Mobile, iOS 6, which will hit Mac App store this fall. Before that, OS X Mountain Lion will be the talk of the tech world. Since there is another major OS being released from Microsoft – Windows 8, We can expect hot competition between the two. Does OS X Mountain Lion has the futuristic features to  beat Windows 8?


OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion was announced in February 2012 and it is expected to hit Mac App Stores by the end of July or the early August. Right from its predecessor, OS X Lion, Apple starts calling its Operating systems as ‘OS X’ rather than ‘Mac OS X’. OS X Mountain Lion will be the ninth big launch for Apple and the big major release this year.

OS X Mountain Lion will compete directly with Windows 8 and iOS 6 will compete with Windows Phone 8.

Requirements & Compatibility

The new operating system requires 2GB of RAM and at least 8GB of hard disk or solid state storage space. For upgrades from previous Mac Versions, the computer must run on Mac version 10.6.8. It supports iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, Mac Mini, Mac Pro and Xserve.

The new operating system costs just $19.99

Features of OS X Mountain Lion

macbook air with OS X mountain Lion

MacBook Air with OS X Mountain Lion

#1 iCloud

iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage service is integrated with OS X Mountain Lion. iCloud will keep your devices-Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch synchronized so that you can access the contents in whatever the device you have. All you have to do is just sign in and iCloud will do the process of synchronization.

iCloud synchronizes your mail, contacts, documents, messages, Safari settings, iTunes, Mac App store, Notes and even more.

#2 iMessage


iMessage now comes to OS X. iMessage now allows you to send message to anyone who have iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch which may run even on iOS 5. Also the messages are synchronizes across your devices. That means you can send a “Hello” with Mac and reply texting with iPhone. It’s Cool. isn’t it?

Just like messengers, you can see when the other person is typing a reply message for you.

#3 Notification Center

You can see what’s new happening around you with the Notification Center. Whenever you get a e-mail or a message or software update or calendar alert, Notification Center will let you know. Using Notification Center is intuitive too. Just Swipe to the left from the Right side of the track pad. You can see Notification Center opening up as an ordered list.

#4 Facebook

Facebook is integrated through out OS X Mountain Lion as in iOS 6. You can share to your Facebook wall right from the App you are in. Also, OS X Mountain Lion adds your Facebook friends to your contacts, so that every time you need not to go Online to fetch information of your friend. Facebook notifications will also be shown in Notification Center.

#5 Game Center

With Game Center App, you can play with anyone on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac. You can multi-play with anyone in the world or even particularly with your friends.

#6 Gate Keeper

Gate Keeper will stand guard to your Mac and protects you from downloading and installing malicious software on Mac. Mac App Store  is always the safest place to download apps. If you want to download apps from any third party, Gate Keeper will help you protect.

#6 Twitter

Like Facebook, Twitter is also integrated through out the OS X Mountain Lion. Just sign in once and forget about it. You can tweet whenever you want. If you set, OS X Will tweet about your pics. It also notifies you when some one mentioned you in their Tweets through the notification center.

#7 Dictation

OS X Mountain Lion supports Dictation. You can use Dictation wherever you can type. You have to select the Text field, then turn on the dictation by pressing Function key Twice. Dictation converts the words you speak into text. This feature makes use of the built-in microphone. Dictation learns the accent and the characteristics of your voice as you spend some time on Dictation. Currently, it supports English (US, UK and Australia), French, German and Japanese.

#8 Power Nap

Power Nap lets your Mac Sleep but your applications can stay up-to-date. When you wake up your Mac, you will have all the updates on the desktop.

With all these amazing features bound as one, OS X Mountain Lion will be more than just an operating system.

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