Cell Phones as Survival Tools [Infographic]

Posted on Aug 27 2012 - 12:06am by Christopher

It’s true that mobile phones will be helpful to us wherever we go. Cell Phones let you speak, text, tweet, share, browse and also help you to survive in some circumstances. Yes! Cell Phones can be transformed in to pretty handy tool to let u survive situations. A broken cell phone may look like a waste but actually it’s not. Before you throw it away, some parts of it can be used to help you stay safe.

Let’s take a hypothetical situation that you are stuck in woods with a broken cellphone. Parts like Speaker, Battery, Screen, Wire, circuit board will help you to start a fire or to be used as a signal or as a cutting tool or as a compass or to catch food. Now with these tools you can survive in any Woods excluding the outside danger.

The following infographic from Ansonalex.com will tell us how to use mobile phones as survival tools.

How to Use Parts Broken Cell Phone as Survival Tools Infographic

How to Use Parts Broken Cell Phone as Survival Tools Infographic

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