iOS 6 Preview: 10 Cool Features

Posted on Jun 12 2012 - 9:35pm by Christopher

When the new iOS from Apple will be released, it will prove to be a headache for Android, Windows Phone and other mobile OS. Apple previewed its latest operating system for iPhone, iPad, iPod at the WWDC ( Worldwide Developer’s Conference). Apple lovers will wait for iOS 6 as Apple elevates its mobile experience to the users. The preview is the talk of the tech world and the improvements hope to wow the fans.

iOS 6

The new features will increase the convenience and accessibility of the mobile users. It is expected to be a hit after iCloud, which is used by 125 million people across the globe. It is no doubt that iOS 6 will give Android a tough competition.

iOS 6 is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch Fourth Generation, iPad 2 and the new iPad.

10 Cool Features of iOS 6

iOS 6 - World's most advanced Mobile OS

#1 Maps

The maps app has turn-by-turn navigation facilities and it will speak out the directions along with 3D views of the streets. You can type in the address of the place and app will recognize it and show you the route. The map goes ahead of the places you want to go. It tells you whether the place is traffic jammed or the weather changed and gives you an alternate route.

3D view of major metro cities is available. You can zoom, tilt, rotate the major destinations and it gives you a virtual presence on that place.

#2 Siri

Siri is given a boost in iOS 6. Siri is now available in more languages and in more countries. This intelligent personal assistant app will be supported in the new iPad. Languages like Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean are supported now. With Siri, you can track the schedule of favourite sports team, movies, restaurant and more.

#3 Facebook

Social Network is given a big boost in iOS 6. Apple understood the power of World’s largest social network and integrated it all through out iOS 6. Facebook friend’s information is synchronized with your contacts. Events are added to your calendar. Social sharing becomes so easier in iOS 6.

Like button is made available in iTunes and App store. You can like your favourite apps and songs.

#4 Sharing Photos

You can select and share photos with the selected audience. You can take the photos and select people who you like to share it with. Friends using iCloud will get delivered it into iPhoto or Photos app. They can see and comment on your photos. Photo stream is supported in Wi-Fi and cellular networks, not only in iCloud.

#5 Passbook


Passbook app help to manage users passes based on time and location. You can have the passes like flight tickets, movie tickets, loyalty cards etc.

#6 Facetime

Facetime, Apple’s video conferencing service can now be used over cellular networks and not just Wi-Fi.

#7 Phone

If you cannot attend a phone call, you can just decline it and instantly reply with a message or a call-back reminder. DND ( Do Not Disturb ) is available to block the incoming calls. You can enable it manually or on recurring time say after 10.00 P.M.

#8 Mail App

A new VIP feature is available. You never miss important messages from people who you set as VIP. Your preferences will be set the same in all iOS devices.

#9 Safari

Browsing Internet is fun with iOS. The browser tabs are saved in iCloud, so that you can continue surfing with the same pages on various iOS devices. Offline reading list is available. You can save the web pages and continue reading the other time.

#10 Guided Access

This is just a lovely initiative by Apple to let the people with hearing, vision, learning, mobility disabilities to use the iOS devices like the normal people.  It also helps students with autism to stay focused and stay on content. It helps parents or teachers to limit iOS devices of these students to one app as well as touch response to certain parts of the screen.

Voice Over, a reading app will extremely benefit people who are visually challenged. Apple is set to give hearing aids made for iPhone to give powerful and clarity audio experience for people with hearing disabilities.


Apps for tracking iOS 6 based devices and finding the location of your friends and family are useful. iOS also features re-modeled store for iTunes and App Store.

Country based features are available for China and built-in support for Chinese Internet services are provided. Baidu is built in Safari. Also, typing in Chinese becomes easier.

Finally, iOS 6 is no doubt true to Apple’s claim as “The most advanced mobile Operating System”. Steve Jobs’ vision continues…

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