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Posted on Jul 5 2012 - 10:56pm by Christopher

The Windows Phone 8 is the upcoming release of Microsoft for its mobile sector. The new operating system is set to host all the amazing features and it is all set to be the most advanced operating system for the mobile devices. Already, Windows 8 is announced for PCs and Tablets and they got a huge welcoming response from the fans and users worldwide. Windows Phone 8 also times with the release of Windows 8 Operating System for PCs. So, this year we can see the release of amazing products. Windows 8 Phone LogoWindows Phone 8 will have an edge over its predecessor, as a new release. Windows Phone 7, which was launched more than a year ago, has earned a good reputation among its users in terms of its features. That will definitely help Windows Phone 8 as more and more people try with what other people say.

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Windows Phone 8 is based on the same core technology which powers the Windows 8 for PCs and Tablets. It means, we can see an matching performance between Smartphone and PCs and Tablets. Also, we can expect more features and functionality from Windows Phone 8.

Code named as Windows Phone Apollo, this upcoming release has incorporated remarkably great features.

Key Features

Let us have a look at some of the fantastic features of Windows Phone 8

CPU- Windows 8 Phones is power packed and needs a perfect CPU to run all the apps and give fulfilling performance. Windows 8 phones run on ARM multicore processors. With new generation of GPUs, Windows 8 will give more power – the selling aspect in smart phone market.

Screen Sizes- Windows Phone 8 supports High Definition (HD) screen sizes of 1280 x 768 and 1280 x 760.

NFC Support- Windows Phone 8 supports file sharing between devices over short distances. You can send/receive photos, videos, documents etc. NFC is there for Windows Wallet, another feature of Windows Phone 8.

Wallet- Windows 8 functions as your wallet. You can store your debit cards, credit cards, boarding pass, loyalty cards and other membership details in the phone. With just a tap, you can make payments securely.

Browser- Microsoft puts Internet Explorer 10 right within Windows Phone 8 with some of the remarkable features like SmartScreen, Phishing security and more. It will make harder to get cheated by malicious websites.

Security- Windows Phone gets some really good security features like Disk Encryption and Secure Boot

Media and Gaming- Audio, Video and Graphics performances are given a boost up. It will work the same as in other Windows products. The current games are re-tooled to work better in the new platform.

Speech Recognition- Windows, partnered with Audible, provides a featuristic speech recognition to the mobile phone to enable users get the best with just a few voice commands on the phone.

All the features which Microsoft specified as a part of its sneak peak will give you a clear good thought about Windows Phone 8. It is definitely worthy to give a try.

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