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Posted on Aug 3 2012 - 6:40pm by Melani

Ever since the last release of Windows 7, Microsoft has always been on top of their game in the aspect of desktop but their momentum for tablet PC has always been a bone of contention that needs to be tackled. But with the latest development and a rebirth on their operating system “the Windows 8”, Microsoft has been able to successfully eliminate the challenges faced by the company in bridging the gap between PCs and slates, but the question on most people’s mind is this; will Microsoft be able to catch up with the world leading software company in the mobile phone aspect? Will they really get the attention of the people in bringing them up abreast or above their competitor?

windows 8 logo

Windows 8 Logo

The Microsoft Windows 8 comes with so many features that answer most of these questions.

Availability of the first ever ARM Processor support on Microsoft Operating System

The Microsoft foetus (Windows 8) yet to be born this October is recorded to be the first operating system with ARM base processors inclusive with the traditional x86 chips from Intel and AMD. The ARM processor such as the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, the TI’s OMAP and the Nvidia’s Tegra has been the nucleuses power in helping smart phones and tablet PC beat the test of time in the battery life span because of the power conservative technique in them.

arm architecture

These chips have also been inclusive to run with the upcoming Windows 8 and as a result, the windows 8 will be tag with a name that will be regarded as “always on, always connected”, with this features, your windows 8 enable device will have the chance of acting like a mobile phone and as a result your device can stay in standby mode for as long as possible without the disconnecting from the internet.

Amazing Windows 8 Application Store

In respect to all possible means of Microsoft remaining on top of their game and gaining upper hands in the industry, the upcoming Windows 8 comes with an application store that might seems to have upper hand in the application store and also stands a treat to the apple application store.

Research had it in a china site in April that, though the Windows 8 application tends to be pretty 50% expensive than the Apple application, the prospect of Window 8 application in the market might tend to be more welcoming than the Apple application this was all thanks to the amazing features of “test before purchase”.

In the windows 8 application store users get their application tested for up to seven days before they can make purchase of the application, with this logic included in upcoming Windows 8, its obvious that much pocket will be save to buy crappy application that turn useless after purchase, you won’t have to think of making a quick decision as regards the 15 minute given by android stores to get a refund of an application you don’t want after your purchase.

The USB 3.0 support

The Microsoft Windows 8 has an amazing feature of a USB 3.0 with the high speed ten times faster than the USB 2.0 and thus help with the ability to carry more voltage for charging. With this inclusive, all Microsoft Windows 8 external SSD should be able to work faster and better than before.

Cloud Support right from the Desktop



Microsoft Windows 8 also features the integration of SkyDrive, Microsoft’s own cloud drive service in the new operating system. Strategricaly it is a correct move from Microsoft as its competitors Google and Apple are venturing deeply into the cloud service. Though services such as Google Drive and iCloud can still be available for Windows 8, SkyDrive is expected to emerge as a lead in cloud service as it is integrated right from your desktop.

Final Words

Windows 8 will be a major tech release of 2012. Bundled with revolutionary features, it will amaze us with its awesomeness. I hope the best about Windows 8 is brought out in this post. Looking forward for your comments!

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