Windows 8 – Winner or Loser?

Posted on Apr 9 2012 - 10:55am by Christopher

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Windows 8,  the upcoming release of Microsoft received mixed response from the Windows users all over the world. The consumer preview was released on February 29, 2012 and it is downloaded more than one million times till date. Also, the users feel that the features to be made available in Windows 8 will make it a success. In this post, we will analyse why it will be a winner or it will be a  loser?

Windows 8 is the much-anticipated version of Operating System from Microsoft. With the competition building up between the Mobile Operating Systems – Android ,iOS, Symbian and Windows Mobile, the release of the Windows 8 will decide how the future of Microsoft will be. Microsoft eyes not only the mobile market. It targets the tablet PCs too. Also, the sale of Mac OS X Lion is considerably good making the users turn away from Microsoft.

Despite these challenges Microsoft still has the fortunes of making Windows 8 a winner.

Metro Interface

The new interface is the lifeline to the Windows 8. Luckily, this new design did not scare the people. The design is intuitive. Microsoft said that it gives its users a chance to use the classic theme if they do not like the new interface. However, we believe many will like Metro design.

Though the design is originally made for Windows Phone, it looks perfect for the personal computer and it brings sophistication and liveliness to the user as it is a little different from idle icons.


Microsoft introduces its all-new app store ‘Windows Store’ in Windows 8. It will be a secured platform for the users to check and use the apps and not testing the malicious malware apps themselves. It ensures that users will have a dependable source for new software.

Microsoft Store will be a competition to Ubuntu Software Center and Mac App Store. It also helps users to develop Metro styled apps for themselves and helps in distribution of Metro styled apps.


Microsoft cannot ignore the booming market of Tablet PCs. It is indeed Microsoft’s big concern. Though Microsoft is new to this market  we can expect it will do good in it. Already, Google and Apple are into the tablet market. We can expect them to see some tough competitions with Microsoft.

As Windows 8 is a tablet-ready operating system and it’s Metro styled UI suit tablet and other touchscreen input devices, Microsoft will do good in the tablet market.

ARM processor support

ARM Architecture

Microsoft decided to support the ARM architecture in addition to the support of Intel and AMD architecture based processors. It is a big aspect for Microsoft. With ARM Support Microsoft’s vendors will be able to increase the device’s battery life. It will be a big boost for Microsoft.

Cloud Support

Windows 8 will come bundled with the support for Microsoft’s cloud-based storage device – Skydrive. Users will be able to store their things in Cloud. It also prevents users from switching over to Mac OS X for the cloud support.


Windows 8 will feature a new way of system start-up and shut down. Windows 8 will take a shorter time to boot as it saves the kernel’s state to the hard disk while shutting down. Though it is similar to hibernation, It considerably increase the boot up time of the operating system. It speeds up Windows 8.

Support for earlier versions

We can expect Microsoft won’t repeat the mistake it has done with Windows Vista. It will support the products supported by the earlier versions of Windows. This time we can expect, Windows 7′s popularity will boost the new version.


Further, the introduction of Ribbon UI for explorer, Windows To-Go(Bootable USB Flash drive) and in-built PDF reader, ISO mounter will add up to the sophistication for Windows 8 users.

Bottom Line
These features will make Windows 8 a winner (Let’s hope). Microsoft has to focus on security or it will be cost them big.

For further reference on Windows 8 refer this link

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