Safety tips for Girls to avoid Cyberstalking

Posted on Aug 23 2012 - 9:49pm by Christopher

Cyberstalking‘ may be a new term for many of us. Cyberstalking literally means “harassing an individual or a group of people or an organization through the Internet or any other electronic devices”. Since many of us started living in the virtual world now a days, Internet has become a hub for people to get connected with each other. Some baddies have made use of Internet as a platform to harass the people, especially Women in the Internet. I am not going to advice women/girls not to stay away from Internet. This post will bring the safety tips for Girls to avoid getting stalked through Internet.


Better Safe than Sorry!

The Threats

As the social networks started booming, many people started ‘living’ in these social networks. The price they pay is the loss of the individual privacy. People become the social networking addicts so much that they share each and every stuff about them in the Social Media. Sharing the personal information in the Internet will make it easy for the Cyberstalker to attack you. Generally most of the threats start by sharing the personal information. In some cases, it comes by sharing non-personal but sensitive information.

The following guidelines will help you to know what is the threat and what you have to do, in case you are facing the trouble.

#1 Split your personal and work information

It has become the recent trend to hack into the social networking accounts of popular persons and posting hatred about them so as to defame them. It will no longer be the case with high-profile people. There exists a considerable risk among the people who share their personal and work information in the Internet. It reveals so much about you that you will be inviting anonymous people to disturb you. It is better to have more than one separate social networking accounts – One for the family/personal and other for work.

Do not let yourself to be tagged or mentioned in stuffs by unknown people. If some unknown person tags you, try to remove it soon and you can explain them later as your privacy comes first.

#2 Review what you share

It is our fault if we are not cautious of what we share in the social networks. Whether it is sharing the personal woes or posting your picture or posting some sensitive content in social media, think twice before doing it. Sharing the sensitive information may turn the Government’s attention on you. Sharing the unwanted photos may lead to the misuse.

Do you want your photo as profile pic in another profile?? Think again.

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Already there is an increase in profiles with fake photos of beautiful girls in Facebook. So Girls….Think twice before sharing your photos.

#3 Outsiders in your profile?

“Never allow  unknown persons in your profile”

It may sound silly for some as many people come to social networks to make friends with unknown persons. For people having a social networking account for ‘Work’, letting an outsider in your profile may lead him/her to know so much about your company through you and your colleagues in  your profile.

#4 There is really no privacy in Internet

no privacy

No privacy in Internet! :-(

Internet never forgets anything about you. Only you forget the data you share. None of your statuses or tweets or your shares are deleted if you don’t. It remains online but only we don’t see it. The stalkers can see them and learn so much about you and can harass you with that.

#5 Don’t let it ‘default’

It will be your fault if you let the privacy settings default. So keep track of your privacy settings at least once a month and update it based on the needs. By default, social network sites keep your privacy at minimum. It is your task to update it and set it high.

#6 Identity Theft

Sharing the vital information such as your address or date of birth or letting out the names of spouse, kids, pet etc will lead to identity theft. The Stalkers can answer the ‘Security Questions’ based on the information and easily get through your e-mail or social network. If that happens then that will be the beginning of your  nightmare.

#7 Apps and Online Games

Apps and Online Games in Facebook and other social networking sites pull out most of the personal information about you which you always wanted to keep it hidden. Often these apps will reveal your date of birth, profiles you visit, name of your pet, mother’s maiden name and so many and some of them are used as Online security questions in case you forget password. Don’t be using these apps and inviting the identity theft.

Final Words

Social Network is a place for fun. We share so much thinking that who will stalk you. But remember that the stalker need not come from heaven. Even the person in your profile may do something like Identity theft. So it is better to be safe than sorry.

Readers, Have you ever been a victim of cyberstalking? Share with us how you tackled it so that we can be cautious. Let us know through the comments!

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  1. Reshmi V August 24, 2012 at 9:56 am - Reply

    Thank you for sharing these tips Christopher. These tips are imperative for both men and women to read before starting chats on various social networking sites. I was chatting with my friend last night over this new social networking site called I was doing 3D chatting with her and found it quite safe than the rest coz I could see exactly where she was seated, her surroundings etc. I am acquainted with her, so I felt safe…but their are several girls who are abused online coz the men they chatted with were frauds. When you are chatting on 3D…you know where the man is sitting…in a posh house or a dingy cyber cafe!

    • Christopher August 24, 2012 at 2:44 pm - Reply

      Happy that you learnt to be safe in the internet and chats… Your experience will help the readers. Thank you for the comments Reshmi!

    • Nikhil September 5, 2012 at 12:57 pm - Reply

      Hey Reshmi…thanks for sharing. Yes, I heard my sister talk about this site Cafe4tune. She is forever on the computer chatting with friends or singing karaoke. Looks like a good site and yes…safety comes first right?

      • Christopher September 5, 2012 at 4:42 pm - Reply

        Right Nikhil! Thanks for the comments!

  2. Habibi Matrimonials August 28, 2012 at 2:33 am - Reply

    This is an excellent article. You may like to pass it onto teachers in Elementary and Middle Schools.

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