10 Things to look out before buying a perfect Smart phone

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Days are gone when we thought that computer is a marvelous device. The era of Computers is going and the future belongs to the smartphone. All the capabilities of computers and even more can now been seen in the Smart phone. The growth of portable devices are up and more and more people are preferring devices like Smart phone, tablets and laptops. In this trend, with more and more smart phones are coming up daily, people may find it difficult to choose the smart phone that suits them best. So, here are the few factors to look out before buying a perfect Smart phone.


The Latest Smartphones

#1 Operating System

Unlike desktop operating systems, there are plenty of options available for smart phone. But only one operating system dominate the market. Of course, that’s Android. Other than Android, iOS from Apple, Windows Phone from Microsoft, Blackberry OS from RIM for Blackberry smart phones are considered equally good as OS for smart phones.

Android is the leader of the smart phone operating system market with more than 50% of the smart phones are powered by Android. The latest version of Android is the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) for smart phones and Jelly Bean for Tablets. Android is popular mainly because it is open source and it has a huge community to back Android and for developing applications. Google Play is the official market place for Android apps. Slideme.org is another market place for Android apps but it is not from Google.

iOS 6 will be the upcoming operating system from Apple for iPhone, iPad and it is expected to give a tough competition to Android in terms of its marvelous and innovative features.

Windows Phone 8 will be the upcoming operating system from Microsoft. It is expected to hit the market along with Windows 8 for Desktop. As for now, Windows Phone 7.5 is available and it received positive comments from the people using it as they find the interface more intuitive than iOS or Android. Hope Windows Phone 8 will make these thoughts big.

There are other Operating Systems like Blackberry and Symbian. Blackberry runs only on Blackberry devices and mostly business people prefer it. Symbian powers Nokia phones. But it is not performing good in the smartphone sector.

#2 Looks and Dimensions

Having a smart phone is to tell others that you too have a smart phone. So looks is important for the smart phones. Looks of smart phone will make people turn around to you and ask “Wow! What’s this device?” So choose a smart phone that has a good look. People usually prefer slim phones. But majority of the smart phones do not fit into this category. But most of the smart phones are in the medium range. Neither too slim, nor too big.

#3 Screen Size

Like the looks, screen size is also important to choose a smart phone. People usually prefer larger size screens. A screen size of 3.5 to 5 inches is normally what people prefer and any screen size above that will make the phone not fit into your pockets. Resolution also plays an important factor. Nowadays, the newer versions of smart phones comes with a HD screen resolution of  1280 x 720 pixels.


HTC EVO 4G LTE and Samsung Galaxy S III

The screen may be of two types – LCD and LED. They are equally popular as phones come in both these screen types. iPhone 4S come with LCD Screens with IPS technology while Samsung Galaxy S III use AMOLED screen. Before buying the smart phone, make sure that you can see the screen clearly from all the directions.

#4 Processor

Processor is the heart of Smart phone. A good processor is needed to show the performance of the smart phone. Nowadays, Smart  phone processors have a clock speed of at least 1.2 Ghz. Even there are phones that are powered by processors which are used in desktop. The Intel XOLO is an example. It is powered by Intel Atom Processor, which is also used in Desktop computers.

To equal the performance of the processor, a sufficient amount of RAM is necessary. The minimum requirement is 512MB RAM, while it can go up to 1 GB or even 2 GB.

#5 Battery Life

This is the next thing you will be worried about when you hear high performance of processors. Battery Life is being improved in the latest smart phones. In high speed connections like 3G or in 4G, battery is drained faster. Also, the OS’s performance may drain the battery. Nowadays, the latest phones like iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S III have a guaranteed battery backup of 7-9 hours, which is enough.

Since smartphones is all about performance, you cannot expect the battery backup be higher as bigger batteries make the phone big. It’s better to keep the charger with you when you go for a travel.

#6 Camera

cameraMegapixels of Camera too determine your buying trend of smart phones. Most of the smart phones come with 5 MP camera. Some phones go up to 12 MP or even 16 MP. HD Recording has become a basic aspect. Most of the buyers expect Full HD recording feature in smart phone.

Almost, all of the smart phones have front facing camera of considerably good quality to facilitate Video calling.

#7 Storage Capacity

Some of the smart phones come with built-in storage capability like the iPhone. iPhone 4S storage varies from 16GB to 64GB. Android Phones has expandable memory options. Windows Phone 7.5 do not have expandable memory but Windows Phone 8 will.

#8 Apps

Yep! It is the reason why many people prefer smart phones. Apps too determine the smart phones you are buying. Nowadays apps are becoming cross platform, so that you can use your favourite app in any platform. Some apps/games like “Temple Run” which perform well in iPhone 3GS and may not work equivalently in HTC One X, though both have same price range in India.

Apple’s apps are always amazing. Android is trying hard to compete with Apple. Windows apps are  yet to become popular. Considering only the app performance, you can go for iPhone.

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#9 Connectivity


Also, It is for the internet many people want to use smart phones. Smart phones are equipped with all kind of connection facilities right from 2G to 4G, WiFi etc. Connectivity is important for people who really want performance in time. Since smart phones of all companies are equipped with these connectivity facilities, you don’t have to worry about it in any brand of mobiles except that iPhone lack Bluetooth to connect with other phones. However alternatives are there to share pictures and stuff.

#10 Price

This is the most important aspect which determines the above nine. Price tag for smart phones is expensive than the others but Smartphones are worth the money you pay for it. Smart phones are available in all the price categories right from 5000 INR to 50000 INR.

Samsung smartphones will suit for a budget. If you want expensive smart phones, some higher end models are available in Samsung. But for more money, Apple products are preferable.

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